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of resources, particularly of energy and very particularly of natural gas. here in the united states we use a lot of natural gas but it's domestically produced. europe saw about a 10% spike in natural gas prices. about 40% of the natural gas schooled in europe comes from russia and goes through appliance that go through the ukraine. europe has been trying to diversify the source of gas supply for quite some time but hasn't been able to do it. russia controls the amount of natural gas that goes into europe. germany has a lot of factories. natural gas is not just for heating, it generates electricity which these factories use. if there was a sustained increase in the price of gas or if russia were to shut down the natural gas flow you would see the real problem in europe which is why europe may not be as keen to impose sanctions on russia as america is. >> worries of retaliation there. ali velshi host of "real money," thanks for being with us. >> okay joie. >> anxiety hit ordinary ukrainians and hard. the local currency is losing value, no bread, no eggs, only expensive imported italian spagh
of financial transparency and accountability and end expensive government energy subsidies. >> we will complete all the conditions. i repeat, all the conditions, that are necessary for this loan. >> managing director of the imf christine la guard says there's no need for panic. adding the imf and others including the united states who are ready to help ukraine need time to assess the state of the finances, joy. >> and finally, help from little ukraine. >> we are really helping people to get what they want. >> from tips to prayers, we tryst new york visit the new al jazeera america. >> finally in our special programming now, new york's east village is well-known for its vibrant fight life but also home for tens of thousands of ukrainians who have migrated there over the past century. christof putzel reports, they worry about their home land but also the family and friends that are still there. >> it is a chilly friday night in manhattan's east village. these these ukrainians are mix ing mixing drinks with politics. working to support ukrainian nationalism from abroad. >> we are together because
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2